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St. Guinefort Charity Pin

$23.00 AUD
  • St. Guinefort Charity Pin
  • St. Guinefort Charity Pin
  • St. Guinefort Charity Pin

This saintly pin is 54mm long x 40.35mm high (approx. 2.1 inches x 1.6 inches)
Hard enamel, gold plating, two posts with red rubber clutches, backstamp and the blood is translucent red enamel!

Guinefort was the loyal greyhound of a knight. The knight tasked Guinefort with watching over his infant child while he was out hunting. When the knight returned he was shocked to find Guinefort with blood on his mouth, the cot overturned and the baby nowhere to be seen. Assuming the worst of the dog, the knight slew Guinefort for killing his child, however upon committing the act, the knight heard a baby's cry and turned over the cot to see his child unharmed next to the dead body of a viper. Guinefort was thus revered for his loyalty and innocence and was regarded as a local folk-saint who would watch over children.

This pin is a charity pin, $5 from the sale of each first grade pin will be donated to a local greyhound rescue charity, Amazing Greys.

Enamel Pins are made by hand. There are always going to be some minor flaws because of the nature of the manufacturing process. If you receive a pin with a major defect, please get in touch!