Manuscripts of Origin

Beat Your Drum: Concerning the Fates of Illustrious Men and Women, The Destruction of Jerusalem, c. 1413, MS 63, 237r, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, USA

Cape Caper: Froissart’s Chronicles, c. 14th century, MS 2643, 1r, National Library of France, Paris, France

Cat King: Scheibler'sches Wappenbuch c. 1450, BSB Cod.icon. 312 c, page 263, Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany

Devout Devil: Jacobi de Ancharano (aka de Teramo) Litigatio Christi cum Belial c. 1461, BSB Cgm 48, 11v, Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany

Diving Past: Theological Miscellany including Summa de vitiis, Bestiary, c. 1250, Harley MS 3244, 55v, British Library, London, UK

Fetch!: Breviary of Renaud de Bar (Summer), c. 1302, MS 107, 129r, Verdun Library, Verdun, Canada

Fine Feathered Friend: Bestiary c. 1200, MS 24, 65r, University of Aberdeen Library, Aberdeen, Scotland

Friends for Supper: Book of Hours, c. 1425, MS M.1004, 157r, The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, USA

Hand in Hand: Book of Hours (Use of Liège) c. 1300, MS W.37, Point: 89v, Chop: 187v, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, USA

Keep it Clean: Book of Hours for the use of Chalon, c. 1505, MS 6881, 30r, Municipal Library, Lyon, France

Knot a Dragon: Bestiary c. 1300, GKS 3466 8º, 39r, Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nock. Paw. Loose!: Breviary of Renaud de Bar (Summer), c. 1302, MS 107, 127v, Verdun Library, Verdun, Canada

On My Way: Speculum salvationis humanae metrice cum figuris pictis. Pugna virtutum et vitiorum cum figuris pictis, c. 1300, BSB Clm 3003, Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany

Saint Guinefort: Referenced from, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, Livre de l'art de chasser au moyen des oiseaux, c. 1485, MS. fr. 170, 1r, Library of Geneva, Switzerland

Snicken: Book of Hours, c. 1500, MS W. 427, 203v, The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, USA

Triple Threat: Book of Hours c. 1400, Stowe MS 17, 182r, British Library, London, UK